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Four Seasons Is Now Offering Total Equine Care, Recovery & Rehabilitation Services!
When there is a demand for something in our local horse community - we strive to develop a solution. With experience of over 12+ years in the equine boarding business, we have seen many injuries, ailments, and recuperations. Often, horse owners are unable to care for the extenuating responsibilities and circumstances that accompany equine injuries and recoveries. Time restrictions, working requirements, facility access, comfort level, horse behavior & anxiety, and owner physical ability are just a few examples of needed additional support. There are many reasons an owner may be unable to provide the best care for their equine friend.
That’s where we come in.

Our services are segmented into 3 categories:

Wound Care ~ Injury Recovery ~ Rehabilitation

Wound care:


Hoof Care:

§ Salt soaking § Abscess Draining and Packing § Boot Applications
§ White Line and Thrush Treatments § General Hoof Disease and Infection Management


General Care:

Daily care, cleansing and treatment of:

§ Lacerations § Punctures § Proud Flesh § Stitches and Drains § Degloving care: tissue damage and granulation processes § Eye, Mouth and Nose Care § Rain Rot, Scratches, Fungus/Bacterial Treatment § General Topical Condition Care


Routine Treatments:

§ Cold Hosing § Soaking/Epson Salt Soaks § Liniment & Poultice § Standing Wraps
§ Wound Dressing Change § Prescribed Medicine Dispensing


Injury recovery:


General Injury Recovery:

§ Tendon & Ligament Injury Recovery § Fracture & Contusion Recovery § Diagnosed Lameness Recovery and Prescribed Pain Management § Colic Surgery Recovery and/or Procedure Recovery § Diagnosed Neurological Symptom Management
§ Joint Inflammation § Muscle Soreness



General Rehabilitation:
§ Hand Walking § Longlining § Supervised and Restricted Turnout § Stall Rest § Cold Compression and Heat Therapy § Muscle & Strength Building § Restoring Range of Motion § Mild Exercise for Return to Intended Use


Rehabilitation Technology:
§ Magnawave § Cold Laser Treatment § Shockwave Therapy Treatments § Acu-pulse

§ BEMER & PEMF blanket sessions § Kinesiology Taping § Red-light therapy
§ Nebulizer treatments § …and more to be added!


Hands-On Therapy:

§ Massage Therapy § Acupressure § Chiropractic Care

Additional Services:


Senior & Sensitive Care:

§ Arthritis support and pain management § Gastric ulcer comfort and control
§ Supplementation and nutritional support program for difficult keepers & weight management § Diagnosed Genetic Disease management § Various dietary restrictions and maintenance for Veterinarian diagnosed or verified ailments such as Cushing’s, laminitis, PSSM, and many others § End of Life Care


Broodmare and Foaling Services:

§ 24 hr surveillance and video monitoring § Large indoor foaling stall § On-site staff 24/7 § Umbilical cord care (navel dip 2 times daily) § Enema administration (if necessary to help pass meconium) § Supplemental colostrum on hand if needed
§ Postpartum mare and newborn foal checkup from Veterinarian § Veterinarian services available for non-routine events (retained placenta, dystocia, etc.) § 25+ years of combined staffing experience with labor and delivery of foals













All services rendered are general equine care, comfort, and therapeutic-based services, and are non-Veterinary in nature. A Veterinarian is available at Four Seasons for any scheduled follow-up care or non-routine circumstance that requires medical specialty.

These support care programs are developed for people and horses that have needs that cannot be addressed at home, and for intended support and supplementation to Veterinarian services. All services are under the direction, guidance, regulation and/or consultation and clinical diagnosis from a licensed Veterinarian, Doctor of Equine Chiropractic and/or Certified Massage Therapists and Farriers.

Successful programs are achieved with the collaborative efforts of horse owners, Four Seasons staff, Veterinarians, Farriers, Chiropractors, and other equine professionals. With input from each qualified individual - customized programs are developed to address each individual horse’s needs and reach the owner’s goals.


Services are billed in addition to standard boarding fees.

Fully Insured

Payment Programs Available


Before & After's! - Flesh eating bacteria healing and recovery with guidence from Equine Specialty Hospital 

Advanced de-gloving care and recovery 

Corrective trimming

All photos used are taken at Four Seasons

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Get in touch with us about your equine care, recovery, & rehab questions -

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